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Welcome Beaute Hues! 


I specialize in esthetics-health and beautification of skin. Here, you will enter an ambience of tranquil serenity paired with my passion and professionalism of esthetics. We will collaborate together around providing, maintaining, and supporting you in achieving optimal regimented aesthetic self-care. “The skin you are in” beckons to be pampered, and deservingly so.


The journey of maintaining healthy skin is lifelong. It brings me great pleasure to support you on this journey by providing these aesthetic services: waxing, facial services, and lash extensions. I enjoy the art of waxing, it has become a popular service for all genders, which is why full body waxing is a primary service. Another popular service available is dermaplaning, which is a skin restoration facial that removes the outer layer of dead skin, leaving your face supple, renewed, and glowing.


My core values are providing professional delivery of aesthetic care, expertise, and client satisfaction. I take pride in exceeding expectations, which is why I am intentional with every service that I provide. My mission is to assist you in becoming your very best self, simply by enhancing your Beaute Hues!

Long Lashes

These extensions are long-lasting and individually applied to your natural lashes. Options include classic, volume, and hybrid lashes. Whatever your personal style, we guarantee exceptional results with our thorough application procedure. 

Wax Removal

Choose a service based on your current needs, from full body to specific areas. Hypo-allergenic vegan free and cruelty free wax is used for the completion of all wax services. Our wax is gentle on the skin. With all wax services, your skin will be prepped clean, waxed and moisturized for the best results of freshly waxed skin

Facial Treatment

This service will cleanse your pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, then hydrate and moisturize your skin through massage, leaving it rejuvenated. Each client receives a catered facial specific to what their skin needs, and leaves with an at-home care recommendation system.



Our Testimonials


Very professional, so sweet! Every time you have serviced me, it has been a 

wonderful experience. Your waxes the pain in minimal to none, my lashes are always bomb, no complaints.

Rating you I would definitely give you 5 stars.

Alexus  Johnson
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